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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taking a Side Trip

I'm feeling bad. I kind of jilted this blog when I took up the "Write A Blog A Day Challenge " over at Word Press. Along the way I discovered I had set "guidelines" for what I would blog about. The eyeopener was that blogging about whatever popped into my head on a daily basis was easy. My stumbling block was my self imposed "guidelines."

So for a while here I will direct you to my other blog. I have been having fun. I call my blog
                                             Totally Random Shez 

Why Totally Random? It leaves the door open for anything, no borders, no confines, no guidelines.
Why Shez? It's my nickname. I've had since I was little. My baby sister was one and couldn't pronounce my name. When she tried to say "Shari" it came out "Shezzy." It stuck, was shortened to Shez, and I've always liked it. Kind of a quirky name that fits me.

                   You can visit there by going to

So for now, I will be linking you to that post. I hope you like it and most of all I look forward to your comments. I will be posting the link to each post here.

Today's "words of wisdom" ( WISDOM? Yeah.Right. Sure.) include a slideshow of some wonderful classic cars. It can be viewed here:

Wish I had thought about linking it from here. Better late than never hopefully applies here. Thanks for reading, well thanks if you do read it. But whether you do or not I am...

Wishing you a day filled with hope and love.

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