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Monday, May 30, 2011

You Too Can Do It in Ten Minutes

What a tantalizing tidbit. But for me most things do take longer, much longer. For instance when you go into a restaurant you can have something to drink immediately if you want water. When it comes to setting up a blogger site, if you accept the prebuilt template, it does take ten minutes. If however you want to implement it with your actual web site, or at least have it look like your web site, it takes longer, much longer.

Every change was accompanied by a request to "copy the above letters." No matter how many times I entered them the message actually never went away. After 10 tries, which only proves I am persistent or stupid, I finally gave up only to find it had actually worked. Who knows which time, they all returned the exact same message and never gave the response I have been trained to look for; something like "continue" or "next." Instead it just sat, asking yet again for the typing of another wet noodle pile they "claim" are letters.

Are you listening, Blogger?

I gave up trying to incorporate it into my web site and did not upload the appropriate files to it. Suddenly when I wanted to preview my work, I was at my web site. Nice, except there was nothing there yet to see.

After re-directing Blogger to keep my address with them, I did at least get this page to be in the right colors and it is looking better. Now I am back to my web coding text book. Learning ten minute skills is so much fun if it didn't take me ten hours. 

Anyone else out there brave enough to admit they have ever faced this situation?